Who Are We?

NTC is the original multi-sport club in the Middle Tennessee area, dating back to the late 1990s.  We are focused on promoting general health, fitness, and wellbeing to individuals of all ages and abilities through exercise, primarily running, biking, and swimming.  Our goal is to be the main segue into the multi-sport community here  in Tennessee through training, racing, and social engagements.   Check out our calendar for events that we have coming up and come see what NTC is all about…we’d love to have you!

Questions? nashvilletriclub@gmail.com

Snail Mail:

PO Box 121984

Nashville, TN 37212


2016 NTC Board of Directors:

President: Kristine Mylls

Secretary: Emily Rollins

Treasurer: Dave Killean

At-Large: Mark Buckreis

At-Large: Nick Nicholson

At- Large: Wes Hartig

At-Large: Eddie Ferrell

At-Large: Marc Swain

At-Large: Bob Boer

Membership: Wes Hartig

Communications/Website: Tammy Rutherford