Sunday August 12th 2012 7:00am Anderson Road Beach

This Open Water Swim workout begins at 7:00 am at Anderson Road Beach on Percy Priest Lake in Nashville, TN. A 4$ daily fee is charge by the Army Corps of Engineers to enter the beach. Annual passes can be purchased for 30$.  Beginning Triathletes or those not very comfortable with their swimming skills can opt to swim in the shallow areas of the beach until they feel comfortable with open water swimming. The interval workout runs along the shoreline and most of the interval is in water 5 feet deep or less so beginners can modify their workout to stay in shallow areas and still take part in the interval sessions. Seasoned Triathletes will have the option of the group lead intervals or swimming along a continuous ½ mile open water loop. Participants can use this workout to work on skills specific to open water swimming such as sighting, drafting and swimming in crowds. The interval workout will last about 1 hour. Course support ends at 8:30am.

Sponsor: FTP Coaching