Sponsor Spotlight: Star Physical Therapy


NTC Welcomes Physical Therapy Sponsor – STAR Physical Therapy!

Nashville Triathlon Club is excited to partner with STAR Physical Therapy! This move reunites NTC and Adam Carter, formerly of AustralUS Physiotherapy, who is now with STAR.

Adam is an Australian trained PT & has been working with Nashville triathletes since 1997. When injuries arise, he acts with early intervention, manual treatment techniques & also helps our athletes with prevention of injuries & progression towards recovery. Adam’s excellent communication with the NTC athlete allows the best situation possible for recovery. Adam’s primary focus is to integrate the athlete‚Äôs return to an individualized swim/bike/run regime. NTC’s partnership allows direct access PT for a quick start to treatment! NTC is excited to continue this partnership with STAR Physical Therapy! For more information/locations, check out STAR on the web at http://www.starpt.com.

Contact Adam at adam.carter@starpt.com, or by phone at 615-329-3779.

Adam is located at the Melrose Branch of STAR Physical Therapy, 2210 8th Ave South 37204.