Sponsor Spotlight: R.B.’s Cyclery

R.B.’s Cyclery: Written by Lynn Crossman


R.B.’s Cyclery, one of our NTC sponsors, hosted last month’s tri-chat.  Jay Williams from R.B.’s Cyclery provided timely bike maintenance instruction as the weather warms up and we head back to the road.

We learned that the most corrosive substance to the bike is salt (a.k.a. human sweat).

Some key products to clean your bike include a hose, degreaser such as Simple Green, and a grunge brush.  Hose down the bike to get rid of the salt.  Spray the degreaser on the chain and derailleur and use the grunge brush on the chain.  A toothbrush can even be used to get the hard to reach places.  Use water to get rid of the degreaser.  Dry off the bike including the chain.  You can either use a wet lube or dry lube to lube the chain.  If you’re better at bike maintenance, then the wet lube is fine.  If you lube your chain one time a season, then the dry lube is better for you.  Run the bike through every gear while using a towel to wipe off the excess lube.

Speaking of chains, you should get a new one annually to prevent damaging your components and ultimately spending more on repairs and parts.

You should also pay attention to your tires.  If the tire looks like a square, then it’s time for a new tire.  Another indication that a tire is warn is if you flat every other ride.

R.B.’s Cyclery offers a FREE roadside repair and maintenance class the first Saturday of the month from 4 – 5:30 p.m.  While you’re there, you should take advantage of the 10% discount offered to NTC members.