Sponsor Spotlight: FTP Coaching

Whether they are leading group training sessions or hosting Tri-Chats, Coaches Andrew and Jessica from FTP Coaching are an invaluable part of the Nashville Triathlon Club fellowship.

Coach Jessica is not only an athlete and coach, but a mother of four. Her response upon being asked which was harder, her 2008 IM Arizona finish or child-birth, was “at least after 12 hours of labor they gave me more than a medal and a hat.” Coach Jessica’s experience in triathlon, marathon and ultra-distance races has provided her a wealth of knowledge to share with FTP trainees. She has also been spotted at NTC group swims out on her kayak in Percy Priest Lake keeping a watchful eye out for our members. Jessica is a USAT Level I coach, ET3S certified, NASM certified personal trainer, ISSN certified sports nutritionist, kettle-bell instructor and overall amazing human.

Coach Andrew states that his sports career peaked in the 6th grade when he entered and won his first ever road race, the Maple Leaf One-Mile Fun Run. We sure are glad that he kept after it! Coach Andrew has raced in 2 Ironman races, ITU Long Course Duathlon World Championship (Belgium), Sprint Triathlon World Championships (China) and the American Triple T. Andrew is a USAT Level I coach, ASCA Level 2, USMS Level 2 and E3TS Certified.

(Disclosure: The writer of this article is a fan of and indebted to Coaches Jessica and Andrew for leading an NTC group training swim in which she completed her first successful open-water swim, most importantly, without incident.)

On January 8th, Andrew and Jessica spoke at the first Tri-Chat of the year on the topic of planning a half or full Ironman season.

Here are just a few of the tips presented by FTP:

-Have your training plan and start backwards with the date of your “A” race to know what training to get in and when potential “B” races could be. Don’t race your “B” race too close to your “A” race. Also, when training for a half iron or iron, it’s best to race less and train more.

-It is important to not limit your training to base only this time of year, but to include some speed work and short, high intensity efforts. Endurance takes less time to achieve compared to speed.

-Long runs and running off the bike: Preferably you ride long on Saturday and then have a shorter bike ride on Sunday but with some hard efforts.  They promised that your legs would be burning by the time you got off the second bike ride. As for running off the bike, they stated it’s not really a run but rather a trot. Your whole form changes and you are more apt to injure yourself.  Of course, if lack of time in getting all of your runs in is an issue, then it does make sense to run off the bike especially since you’re already dressed for it.

-Running a marathon the same year as an Ironman is not ideal.

-Practice your nutrition.

-The mental component: Visualize yourself on race day: What do you do when certain situations arise (i.e. flat tire, GI issues, etc.)

-Let your family and friends know what you are doing. Your family needs to be on board as it takes quite a bit of time to train but then you may also be tired and cranky at times so, hopefully, by letting them know, they’ll grant you a little grace.

The benefits of having a professional multi-sport coach are many and include goal-setting, accountability, support and success! For additional information and to secure a spot with the FTP training group, click here.


Coach Jessica


    Coach Andrew