NTC Sponsor R.B.’s Cyclery End of Year Bicycle Sale!

R.B’s Cyclery is having their 2012 year end road and triathlon bike sale! When the bikes are gone, so is the deal! Below are some of the triathlon bikes available for order from the manufacturer’s warehouse. Click here for a list of what is currently in stock at R.B.’s.


S22 Aluminum Tri Bike 48cm-58cm Avail $1349

B16 Carbon Tri Bike  50,54,56cm Avail  $1829

B16 Women’s Carbon Tri Bike  50,52,54cm Avail  $1829

B12 Carbon Tri Bike  50,52,54,56cm Avail  $2399

B2 Carbon Tri BIke w/Di2  50-58cm Avail  $4849

DA4 Carbon Tri Bike  47,51cm Avail  $3299

DA4 Women’s Carbon Tri Bike 51,54cm Avail  $3299

DA2 Carbon Tri Bike w/Di2  51-58cm Avail  $7249


P2 Ultegra  54, 56, 58cm,61cm Avail  $2250

P2 DuraAce  54,56,58cm  Avail $2600

P3 Ultegra 56,58cm  Avail $2900


Slice 5 Carbon Tri  51,54,56cm  Avail   $1699


R.B.’s Cyclery, Inc.

Nashville: 615-567-6633

Memphis: 901-937-4669