Member Spotlight: Nick Nicholson Finishes IUTA World Cup Race Ultra Triathlon

NTC member Nick Nicholson is a triple Ironman! Thirty-five participants representing eight countries competed in the IUTA World Cup Race Ultra Triathlon on October 7th in Lake Anna, Virginia. Nick completed the 421.8 mile course in 52 hours! This is an amazing and inspiring accomplishment, so we asked Nick to highlight the details for us:

Venue: Lake Anna State Park in Virginia. The race director has also added another venue in Florida due to demand.
Course: The completed each iron event consecutively. We did all the swim-7.2 miles, all the bike 336 miles and all the run 78.2.  421.8 miles. There are some races where you do consecutive Ironmans. The cut off for the triple is 60 hours. For the double, 48 hours. The bike course is a 5 mile out and back. Sounds crazy but it is ok. You come by your tent each lap. The run is 1 mile out and 1 mile back.
Participants: 12 racers on the triple. 22 racers on the double. The double and triple are the main races. This year he had some special races. 1 quintuple. 1 half for a special volunteer.
Eight countries were represented: Switzerland, Germany, Australia, England, Canada, Great Britain, Belgium, France. I believe 14 states out of 50 were represented or 14 states out of 49 if Texas has seceded from the union by the time you read this.
The world ultra triathlon  record holder, Guy Rossi, age 63, was there. He has completed 10 deca iron triathlons, 3 quintuple irons, 27 Triple irons, and 56 double irons.
Food: I ate light on the swim. Shot blocks, hot tea, granola bars, and goo. On the bike I ate everything. Beef Stew, casserole, every kind of  bar ever invented, pancakes, bacon, pbj’s etc. For the run, pbj’s pop tarts, sandwiches,etc. Caffeine: One goo with caffeine and one cup of coffee. There is a food tent that provides breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night meals.
My co racer counted all of her calories. She could not have been over 100 pounds. She had just under 12600 calories for the race and finished in 54 hours.
There are every shape and size of racers.
Sleep: Some people do not sleep. There are several ‘strategies’. I slept 45 minutes (very soundly ten feet from a loud generator) the second night.
Gi distress is the number one reason for not finishing in the allotted time.
Training: Very similar to Ironman but with some “confidence builders” as Chris Carmichael mentions and some night workouts.  For my running, a road ultra in Wartrace, TN. The Strolling Jim 40 miler. For the bike my friend and I left the Concord YMCA at 1:30 at night and rode to Sewanne and back. On another ride we left Trace bikes at 8:30pm for an over nighter on the Trace. The first mile marker is 442. We rode to mile marker 332 just over the Alabama/Tn line and back with a small side trip to a small town off the Trace for breakfast. I worked up to 30 miles per week for my runs.
Nick’s Final Comments: Ultras are a blast! The triple was cosmic!

For more information on the IUTA World Cup Series visit the International Ultra Triathlon Association’s website here.

Photos courtesy of Nick Nicholson