Member Spotlight: Julie Koh

Welcome to the latest installment of the NTC Member Spotlight, featuring Julie Koh, Nashville resident, triathlete and maker of the best Korean BBQ this side of the Mississippi! Julie is coached by Kathleen Johnston of TriSuccess Multisport Coaching.

1. When and why did you start training for triathlons?

My first triathlon was Old Hickory Lake in September, 2004, and I trained for it with a group of friends. We called ourselves “Team Slacker” and viewed the event as a race that included eating and drinking. It took me a ridiculously long time to complete the race, but I had fun after it was done. My second tri was Memphis in May, 2005 which I trained for with Team in Training. I loved that experience, too, because I got to raise money for a cause very important to me and met some great friends with whom I continue to do all the Team Slacker activities. 

2. What is your most memorable/favorite race and why?

Every race is so unique, and I learn something different from each one. Certainly, my first Ironman at Lake Placid will be memorable for the rain throughout the entire race. But it was also the excitement of the first experience, the camaraderie of training with a fun group of people, and the first century I ever did by myself. There is a special moment in the day when you realize that you will finish and you are an Ironman. For me that moment came as I began the second loop of the bike course. I realized I would make the bike cutoff, I saw all the spectators lining the course, and I felt like a champion.

3. What races are you training for/excited about in 2013?

I will be revisiting Memphis in May this year, so I am very excited about that. I will also be training for Music City Triathlon, Chattanooga Triathlon and the Augusta Half-Ironman. I’m also very excited about doing the Chicago Marathon this year. I hear that is such a great race, and it is such a great city!

4. What is a fun fact about you that you want the world to know about? 

I have been known to play the piano with my feet, not well though. Also, I make a Korean barbecue that is better than any restaurant in Nashville possibly the Southeast. That is the absolute truth!

Thank you, Julie for sharing a bit of your story with us. We’ll looking for your Korean BBQ at the next Spring Picnic!