May Member Spotlight- Emily Rollins

For May’s Membership Profile, we’re featuring the NTC Board’s very own Emily Rollins! Emily is a Timex-sponsored, Kona-qualifying, 8-time Ironman who you have probably noticed as she blazes by you on race day. This lady is FAST.

Though Emily got her start in athletics through volleyball and track, her true love growing up was dance and gymnastics. She was even a member of the UT Martin Pom Squad! Her running really began after signing up for a 5k back in 2001 and she eventually built up to longer distances. And in a scenario that is all too familiar with most of us, it was her friends, Molly Boulay and Lynn Crossman, who got her to sign up for a triathlon. Emily says it was just enough torture that she had to keep trying! Fast forward a few years, and Emily is a podium threat at any race, including Ironman! She won her age group at IM Couer D’Alene in 2015, which qualified her for Kona. And just recently competed in Ironman Texas to qualify for the 2016 Ironman World Championships.

Like all long-distance triathletes, Emily spends a significant amount of training. Fortunately, her husband, Brad, is also a triathlete (and a coach with X3 Endurance), and understands a triathlete’s crazy lifestyle! Her favorite part of training? Running with friends. “Nothing better than an early morning long run or a track workout with a big group of friends. I love the random conversations that come up on a good long run!”

When asked what exactly about the sport she likes best, her response was race day. “I love the energy, the motivation from other racers, the support from the crowd, and pushing myself to my limits. Triathlon brings together such a variety of people – I love to see everyone out there working towards the same goal – the finish line!”

In her non-triathlon life, Emily is a school teacher, a PRN Exercise Physiologist at St. Thomas West, a coach for X3 Endurance AND a swim instructor during the summer months. In her rare spare moments of free time, she loves spending time with her nieces and new puppy Rinny.

Emily’s Quick Hits:

Favorite Food: Dark chocolate or anything Brad cooks!

Post-workout Splurge: Chili Burrito in Brentwood

Currently Reading: Iron War: Dave Scott, Mark Allen and the Greatest Race Ever Run by Matt Fitzgerald

Team and Club Affiliations: Team Timex, X3 Endurance, Nashville Tri Club, BEAT, Excel Aquatics and the Nashville Striders