2013 Masters Spring Chicken Classic!


Event Date: June 2nd, 2013

Location: Centennial Sportsplex in Nashville

All times will count towards USMS Top 10 and Records.

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RULES: 2013 USMS Long Course Rules and Southeastern LMSC Safety guidelines and warm-up procedures will govern. Safety guidelines specify feet-first entry during warm-ups, except for designated sprint lanes. All events will be timed finals.


HOST CLUB: Nashville Aquatic Club Masters

LOCATION: Tracy Caulkins Competition Pool at Centennial Sportsplex
222 25th Avenue North Nashville, TN 37203 (615) 321-3510
Directions to the Sportsplex can be found onwww.swimnac.com.

ELIGIBILITY: All swimmers must be registered with United States Masters Swimming, Inc. Swimmers need to attach a copy of their USMS card to their entry forms or will be asked to show a 2013 USMS registration card upon check-in. If not yet registered, swimmers can register online with USMS after the entry due date or at the meet, but swimmers must be USMS registered before swimming any events at the meet.

Sunday, June 2, 2013 OPEN Warm-ups: 9:00am
Meet Start: 10:00am

SEEDING: All events will be seeded slowest to fastest without regard to age or gender. Swimmers with no seed time may indicate “No Time” or “NT” in the time slot and will be seeded as slowest times. Results will be tabulated by gender and age group, as defined by USMS.

DISABLED SWIMMERS: An information sheet for disabled swimmers is available to prepare the facility and meet officials. Please contact the Meet Director.

ENTRIES & FEES: A swimmer may enter up to five (5) individual events for a $25 flat fee. Note: There are anticipated short breaks after Events 14. 24, and 37, but they will depend on the number of entries and the length of the meet. Late entries, as well as deck entries, will be accepted with an additional $10 fee. Age for entries is determined by the swimmer’s age on December 31, 2013. Please submit entries on the attached form. Swimmers can scan and e-mail the entry form or mail a hard copy to the address below. Checks should be made payable to Nashville Aquatic Club.

Please submit entries to: Please direct questions to:
ENTRY CHAIR: Doug Wharam MEET DIRECTOR: Chris McPherson
Nashville Aquatic Club nashvillemacs@mac.com
P.O. Box 128318 615-554-3354
Nashville, TN 37212
dwharam@swimnac.com MEET REFEREE: Charlotte Gabel
(615) 321-3510 cosmogabel@gmail.com

DEADLINE: All entries and fees must be received by Friday, May 24, 2013. Any entries arriving after that date will be considered late and require an additional $10 fee.

AWARDS: A strong handshake and lots of clapping.

POOL DESCRIPTION: The competitive pool at the Sportsplex is 50 meters with 8 lanes. Pool depth is a minimum of 7 feet. It is equipped with Colorado Timing and is certified by USMS. Warm-up/warm-down lanes will be available throughout the meet in an adjacent 25 yard pool.

FACILITY RULES: The Centennial Sportsplex respectfully asks that no outside coolers, food, or drinks be brought into the building. Additionally, no food or drinks (with the exception of water bottles) should be brought into the pool area. Only swimmers, coaches, and meet personnel will be allowed on the pool deck at any time.

All men’s, women’s, and mixed events will be swum separately, however, the Meet Director reserves the right to combine heats and/or events in order to facilitate the conduct of the meet.
The Meet Director reserves the right to limit the number of entries in any event in order to run the meet within the time allocated.
The Meet Director reserves the right to insert additional breaks to provide sufficient rest for the swimmers between events.
The HYTEK event file, psych sheet, results, and other meet information will be posted on the NAC website (www.swimnac.com) as they become available.